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Tom Denford and David Indo at ID Comms: rebate interrogation, transparency and Snapchat’s plans

On this week’s #MediaSnack Tom and David celebrate ID Comms’ seventh birthday – the company launched on April Fool’s Day in 2009…. as Apple did in 1976.

They consider the K2 intelligence assessment that is ongoing in the US as part of the ANA’s look into potential media rebate practice in the US. Tom shares his experience of being (pleasantly) interrogated by the K2 team in New York as ID Comms supported their process of data collection and analysis.

Tom and David also reveal the line up for their Transparency event on April 15, where a stellar panel, including Bob Wootton from ISBA and Iain Jacob, CEO of the new Publicis Media operation for EMEA, will discuss the findings of the ID Comms Transparency survey.

Finally they review the recent product updates announced this week for Snapchat and consider how they might be getting it right to rapidly build out their user based and attract valuable media dollars away from Facebook.

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