Nike and W+K back Rory as Masters looms

Golfer Rory McIlroy is trying to add the Masters to his collection of golfing majors (he has the other three) at the grand old age of 26 this weekend.

He’s a Nike property, which caused him some pain when he switched to Nike clubs a couple of years ago and couldn’t hit the ball. But all seems better now.

Nike’s golf front man used to be Tiger Woods, who appeared in one campaign with McIlroy, but the Tiger has become a rug these days.

McIlroy likes to present himself as an athlete, as opposed to those golfers who used to wander around the course with a fag tucked behind their ear. So this effort from Wieden+Kennedy Portland shows his gladiatorial preparations.

No dialogue but McIlroy is blessed with a thick Nor’n Irish accent, which doesn’t play that well in ads, as Santander found out a while back when he was teamed with Jessica Ennis – who’s an ad natural.

So, all considered, not bad.

MAA creative scale: 6.

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