Currys PC World and AMV BBDO Goldblum Christmas

A while back Jeff Goldblum appeared in some funny online films for GE and BBDO New York. Do stars – Golblum presumably still counts as one – have their favourite agencies? Here he is performing for the UK’s AMV BBDO and Currys PC in a series of five Christmas ads called, rather bemusingly,’Spare the Act.’

Essentially he’s telling people how to make the best of a bad job at Christmas while reminding them that they can solve their problems by getting better kit from Currys PC World.

Here are a couple.

Are people likely to rush out and buy a new telly/cooker/laptop before Christmas? Surely they’ll wait for the sales (some of which will start before Christmas – OK).

There’s a whole new genre of grim, present-giving Christmas ads (to varying degrees), adam&eveDDB’s effort for Mulberry this year and Harvey Nichols two years ago being cases in point.

Well reality’s a fine thing. Maybe this will grow on me (haven’t seen them all yet).

MAA creative scale: 7.

One Comment

  1. Who the f**k would buy an oven 2 weeks before Christmas for fear of burning a turkey?

    The scenes are dull and as for humour?
    Well I was expecting to hear canned laughter just in case I didn’t get the point.

    Still, I expect some bearded ECD in AMV BBDO will be being lauded by his minions for being in touch with da yoof.

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