George Parker: Rebekah Brooks to return as Murdoch’s top bod? You couldn’t make it up..

3500Who says there are no second acts? With the news last week that Rebekah “Medusa Hair” Brooks (left) is returning to the “Wizened of Oz’s” evil empire in a super, super senior position, it just goes to prove that it aint over until the lady with snakes for hair sings.

I must confess that since I left Blighty, the British tabloid press leaves me slack jawed when I read about the increasingly disgusting shit they get up to in order to scoop each other for the most salacious stories. Mind you, I have to admit, they wouldn’t do it if their readership didn’t demand it.

When I last lived there, back in the eighties, one of my neighbors and boozing mates was Larry Lamb, Editor of The Sun. I remember one time propping up the bar of a Wimbledon pub before we got totally pissed, asking him… To what do you attribute the success of The Sun? “Tits and arse,” he replied. Well, that nails it, I thought and immediately ordered another round.

It would seem that in the aftermath of hacking the phones of murder victims, celebs, and royalty, “Tits and Arse” is now somewhat old hat. Although, with the non-stop visualization of Kim Kardashian’s arse in the Daily Mail, I could be wrong. I must say I did enjoy Chris Bryant’s (Shadow Culture Secretary and a News Corp hacking victim) description of Rebekah’s hire… “It’s two fingers up to the British public.”

Consequently, I wouldn’t be surprised if Monday’s page three of The Sun features a heavily Photo Shopped, glistening and naked, large breasted Rebekah, giving two fingers up to the rags readers, who will no doubt think it’s a bloody hoot.

Well, as they say up in Yorkshire… “There’s now’t so queer as folk.” Murdoch has been proving it, and getting rich from it, for years.

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  1. By the way… A word of warning… Peons in the Evil Empire are strongly advised not to look in Rebekah’s eyes… ‘Cos you know what will happen.
    Cheers/George “AdScam” Parker

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