AMV’s new Lotto campaign unwraps the transparent enigma that’s Piers Morgan

Here’s AMV BBDO’s new campaign for the National Lottery’s Lotto game (these things seem to multiply like rabbits) featuring Piers Morgan. There’s another one featuring Katie Price (aka Jordan) which is downloading somewhere (been one of those days). Plus a third celebrity to come.

Morgan does divide opinion doesn’t he? A capable and sparky newspaper editor (until he overreached himself), a good interviewer, although better at the bottom end of the market (as in his ITV series). He’s built a persona playing against type – sending himself up. But is he really? Maybe he believes all this rubbish.

And do people like him? Or think he’s a vainglorious pain in the ass?

He’d be fun to have a drink with – but he’d always be looking over your shoulder.

But this is better than 98 per cent of other lottery ads.

MAa creative scale: 7.

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