Cannes: Ogilvy wins the ‘most tweets’ Grand Prix

618Ad tech company xAd, which describes itself as a global location-based marketplace, has been monitoring social media around the #CannesLions hashtag and, as you might expect, ad-tecchie companies have received most mentions.

Google is top with 7704 tweets followed by Facebook, Apple, Snapchat and so on.

The “hottest media and advertising topics” were ad tech with 2055 tweets, followed by storytelling, mobile advertising and programmatic (460 tweets), which suggests they weren’t very hot at all.

But go to agencies and you find this:

Top 5 agency mentions

1. Ogilvy (28084 tweets)

2. WPP (1606 tweets)

3. Havas (1173 tweets)

4. McCann (1142 tweets)

5. Saatchi & Saatchi (613 tweets)

Surely some mistake? Now Ogilvy has been the best-performing network at Cannes for the last three years (it’s rumoured to have spent many millions over the period aiming to be just that) and seems to have garnered a rich haul of Lions this year (although mo Grand Prix so far).

But 28 times as many tweets as anyone else?

Is the Ogilvy pavilion full of red-eyed tweeters alloting their 140 characters to endless descriptions of Miles Young’s hats?

I suspect the agency’s strategy is showing..

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  1. Also, this suggests a Big Box, Kanye West style popularity strategy for the agencies, versus Long Tail, Tom Waits style (and probably more effective) focussed attention for most others. Being popular, for most of us, isn’t the point for achieving success.

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