Apple unveils debut campaign for new Apple Music

Is Apple Music the ‘new big thing’ we’ve all been waiting for from the tech giant? Apple TV still seems to be on the stocks (in a meaningful sense anyway) and do we need it?

Apple Music is a music streaming app (Spotify beware) that also offers a 24/7 music radio service and a social network for artists and fans. Here’s the debut film (from TBWA Media Arts Lab presumably although you never know with Apple these days), detailing the history of popular music since the gramophone was invented 127 years ago. With plenty of Apple devices (iPods, iPhones) as the story unfolds.

Clever to use a what amounts to a drum solo, most of the time anyway.

Time was, of course, when we all loved Apple: for its cool products, for being different and for not being Microsoft, when that company had its mitts on the wallets of the world. (It still does of course, although it’s much smaller by market cap than Apple now).

Now you wonder. Is it right for tax-dodging Apple to ‘own’ something as universal as music? It already does to a great extent, with iTunes.

Anyway, to the business in hand: MAA creative scale: 7.

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