Adam&eveDDB shows recruitment ads can be creative too with ‘Fanatics Wanted’ for Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols is opening a new store in the slightly unlikely environs of Birmingham so agency adam&eveDDB (which has won buckets of awards for the upscale retailer) has been charged with recruiting style, beauty, food and wine ‘fanatics’ for this life-changing opportunity.

Through some diverting multiple choice questions.



And a particularly saucy:


The copywriter was Ben Stilitz and the art director Colin Booth.

This will doubtless add to A&E’s groaning trophy cabinet.

MAA creative scale…we haven’t had a 9 so far this year. So: 9.

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One comment

  1. Nice adverts, but surely there is no shortage of job applicants nowadays.
    Maybe they feel it may generate the interest of a “higher grade” of job seekers?
    Still, seems like a bit of an OTT way to find employees.