A&E brings its own brand of Genius to gluten-free

It’s good that big agencies aren’t just for big clients (recognising that smaller clients are awards opportunities too).

Adam&eveDDB is back for Genius Gluten Free bread with an online campaign featuring a series of very short films. Here are two of them.

Directed by Kyra Buschor and Constantin Paeplow for Passion Pictures.

Genius is the market leader in a growing, some might say faddy, sector. So this is selling the category as well as Genius.

Someone asked me the other day, with a degree of bemusement, how MAA creative scale ratings were arrived at.

Scores are based on a combination of strategy, craft skill and the means at hand. So a great job in 20 seconds can score just as highly as a long form epic. The very best ads from the very best agencies always look more ‘finished’ somehow than the rest. And very few (can’t think of any actually) escape adam&eve’s door with a stain on their collar.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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  1. Should a score be marked down when its inspiration is a video that went viral a few years ago?


    Just wondering…

  2. Stephen Foster

    Interesting. Maybe but so many creative things are borrowed aren’t they? Shakespeare got a leg up because he borrowed all his plots from other sources. Mind you, he could write as well.

  3. The people that made Rollin Wild are the people who directed the ad.