A&E brings its own brand of Genius to gluten-free

It’s good that big agencies aren’t just for big clients (recognising that smaller clients are awards opportunities too).

Adam&eveDDB is back for Genius Gluten Free bread with an online campaign featuring a series of very short films. Here are two of them.

Directed by Kyra Buschor and Constantin Paeplow for Passion Pictures.

Genius is the market leader in a growing, some might say faddy, sector. So this is selling the category as well as Genius.

Someone asked me the other day, with a degree of bemusement, how MAA creative scale ratings were arrived at.

Scores are based on a combination of strategy, craft skill and the means at hand. So a great job in 20 seconds can score just as highly as a long form epic. The very best ads from the very best agencies always look more ‘finished’ somehow than the rest. And very few (can’t think of any actually) escape adam&eve’s door with a stain on their collar.

MAA creative scale: 8.


  1. Interesting. Maybe but so many creative things are borrowed aren’t they? Shakespeare got a leg up because he borrowed all his plots from other sources. Mind you, he could write as well.

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