AMV debuts for TENA Men with Stirling Gravitas and ‘Take Control’ campaign

There seems to be a lot of urinary leakage about. Earlier this week we had Will London winning the global launch of Femifree for women and now AMV BBDO makes its debut for male product TENA Men pads.

Global Brand Director Meta Redstedt says: “Urinary issues among men are much more common than most people know and can have a negative impact on life. With the TENA Men campaign we want to make men aware how common this is and that there are products to deal with it, so men can keep control and their quality of life can go back to normal.”

So far so serious but AMV has created one Stirling Gravitas, the ultimate control freak who advises us to ‘take control’ of urinary leakage too.

Nicely done and not a white coat in sight.

MAA creative scale: 7

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