Neogama/BBH saddles a winner for White Horse

BBH in London may be having its travails with client Diageo (which is reviewing BBH’s Johnnie Walker account for some reason) but Neogama/BBH in Brazil is firing on all cylinders for another Diageo whisky brand, White Horse.

Not sure about the hairy-chested music but nifty directing from Ricardo Della Rosa of 02 Filmes.

But horses are wonderful aren’t they? Nearly as good as kittens in ads.

Must bear that in mind next time I pay Ted’s livery bill.

One Comment

  1. Sorry, this can’t be a Brazilian ad… The VO is Portuguese. It’s a well known fact, all ads out of Brazil are done in English, ‘cos they don’t actually run in Brazil… They run in Cannes. Shit, do I have to explain everything?
    Cheers/George “AdScam” Parker

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