Moms Demand Action’s gun laws campaign by Grey Toronto puts poodle-free Krogers on the spot

The absurdity of America’s gun laws (or lack of them) is neatly highlighted in this radio campaign for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America from Grey Toronto.

Supermarket chain Krogers allows you to enter its stores with a fully-loaded assault rifle but bans the likes of pets and children’s scooters, apparently on ‘safety’ grounds. As the hapless call centre worker in the radio ad tries (and fails) to explain.

Job done – if only that were the case in reality.

Actually, leaving aside the issue of homicidal gun toters for a moment, wouldn’t it be a good idea if CEOs across the board were made to do a day’s shift in their call centres? They’d learn far more about their businesses than they ever do from research.

One Comment

  1. A dog is not a constitutionally protected right. Even so, the likelihood of an animal urinating or defecating inside of a grocery store is much higher than the likelihood of someone using their weapon with malicious intent in the same grocery store.

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