W+K’s new ‘Mandroid’ pulls for Old Spice

Wieden+Kennedy has returned to its favourite crumpet-packed beach (remember ‘Whatever’s Comfortable‘?), this time for Old Spice.

It’s not quite the uber-winner the agency produced for Southern Comfort but funny enough, although my friend George Parker of Adscam demurs. George reckons it’s just a newish spin on the old ‘smell nice and get the girl’ pitch – and, of course, he’s right.

But why else would you buy Old Spice?

One Comment

  1. As I point out on AdScam. Using a robot allows you to glue TWO Old Spice packs to his tin arm for the completely un-natural, but obligatory pack shot. “Why else would you buy Old Spice? It’s very good at disguising bottom of the garden shithouse odors.

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