Adidas bets the World Cup ranch on a sleepless Messi

Adidas has unleashed its biggie (I presume) in the World Cup Wars and it’s all about Lionel Messi, the Argentina wunderkind and by far its biggest property, who has yet to unleash his Barcelona wizardry in a national shirt.

I’m sure Leo is being paid a lot for this stuff but an ad with him suffering sleepless nights is hardly likely to improve his chances of performing – is it?

But that’s football for you and TBWA/Chiat Day has wrung every ounce out of young Leo in this.

And it’s all a bit of an anti-climax for me. 28m hits on YouTube so far though – does this say it’s a great ad (and I’m wrong) or that loads of people are simply discombobulated by football?

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