Nike sets out its World Cup stall with ‘Risk Everything’

The most predictable ambush in the history of ambushes is upon us once again. Nike, not a World Cup sponsor, that honour falls to rival Adidas, is chucking everything (probably including the kitchen sink) at this year’s football fest in Brazil in June.

Its most famous such effort is ‘Write The Future’ from a few years back and this year it’s signed up celebrated director Jonathan Glazer (of Guinness ‘Surfers’ fame) to do the business alongside lead agency Wieden+Kennedy. Actually this is quite Surfers-like in the beats/anticipation.

And not a football in sight – although there probably will be later on.

Do we empathise with the little darlings, coping with all that pressure but willing to risk everything? It’s a bit anti-climactic but sets the scene for the Greatest Show on Earth well enough.

Oh, nice suit Wayne (takes an English gentleman..)

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