Lipton Tea discovers you can have too much Muppets

I should like this ad from Adam&Eve/DDB for Unilever’s Lipton Tea. It’s big, bold, global, due to air in the Oscars (March 2) and the result of a tie-in between the brand and the new Muppets Most Wanted movie (out March 20) from Disney.

But it’s all a bit too raucous. The Muppets are of course and so is New York and there’s the contrast between all this mayhem and the calming effect of the brand. So it ticks all the boxes – maybe there just too many of them. Is this the content revolution?

The movie sounds a bit like this too. It’s got Tina Fey (good), Ricky Gervais (not so good), Tom Hiddleston (who’s in as many movies as Benedict Cumberbatch these days), Ty Burrell and, no doubt, countless more stars. They’re all it: I saw a poster for Wes Anderson’s new movie Grand Hotel Budapest the other day and every bloody actor you could think of was in it. Hollywood used to pack films with stars in the Sixties and Seventies and they were nearly all bummers.

What’s that phrase again? Less is…

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