John Lewis insurance produces a nice TV ad from A&E/DDB – let’s hope its performance measures up

John Lewis has obviously decided its foray into home insurance is worth spending a bit more money on and, as ever, has invested heavily and wisely in another slick but appealing number From Adam&Eve/DDB.

‘Things Matter’ is pretty clever too, most people never realise how much their possessions are worth until they need to replace them.

Let’s hope that John Lewis (which has a stellar image at the moment, thanks in part to its advertising), and its insurance provider Royal & Sun Alliance, don’t muck things up by behaving like the rest of the insurance industry (although it’s hard to see how they’ll avoid it).

This includes not paying out on claims or taking ages over it. Also promising low rates but then finding an excuse for raising the quote in the hope that the sucker on the end of it decides to pay the inflated rate anyway. Legal & General, the most profitable insurance company in the UK, is particularly prone to this.

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