Is’s Brian the robot really interrupting a dogging session?

Price comparison website has a new agency, Publicis, and a new ‘front man’ for its ads, Brian the robot.

Brian is a rather annoying and intrusive thing (as are most of the people, or things, you find in these ads seem to be) and in this one he’s interrupting a couple up to something or other in a car.

Critics of the ad says they’re involved in ‘dogging,’ the popular British practice of having sex with strangers outside (hence the health warning on this version of it). says the lady in the ad is ‘tying her shoelace’ rather than exploring something in the gentleman’s lap.

If it is ‘dogging’ it’s a rather genteel version of it (if it was for real she’d probably have her bum sticking out of the window with more than one gentleman admirer).

Belatedly Brian is showing promise.

What will he get up to next?

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