Brewers hire Y&R for drink more beer campaign

Lucky old RKCR/Y&R has been appointed to handle a campaign we can all support – drinking more beer.

Actually there’ll be someone from a pressure group moaning about this on the Today programme tomorrow but they can shut up.

Beer sales in the UK have been declining pretty steeply in recent years but now something called the Global Brewers Initiative is behind a campaign called ‘Let There Be Beer’ to try to reverse the trend.

The GBI includes brewers, landlords etc and pressure group The Campaign for Real Ale.

There’s a touch of hypocrisy here as the self-same brewers and landlords are partly to blame for the drop in beer sales by forcing landlords and tenants to pay so much for their beer (and pubs) that customers can’t afford to buy it from them. Ridiculously high tax doesn’t help either.

But Y&R has produced a nice launch commercial, showing people of all stripes greeting start the weekend time of 6pm Friday with a beer or three (actually I prefer to kick off a bit earlier – but, then, I drink wine).

The copywriter was Algy Sharman and the art director Al Brown. The film was directed by Guy Shelmerdine for Smuggler.

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