Adam&Eve/DDB strikes an authentic note for Foster’s anniversary – somehow

Foster’s is about as ersatz as alcoholic potions come these days; brewed under licence by SABMiller in the US and Heineken in the UK and Europe.

For its 125th anniversary Adam&Eve/DDB has produced this campaign for the Heineken bit, harking back to 1888 when William and Ralph Foster first produced the stuff, which (then) probably did taste quite good.

After a shaky start A&E’s ‘Good Call’ campaign featuring Brad and Dan has done a pretty good job of warming over some of the Aussieness the brand used to have back in the days of Paul Hogan (below). But our friends from down under have allowed some horrible things to happen their once-brilliant beers and wines.

My researches indicate that this was written by Jeff Stark at a long-forgotten agency called Hedger Mitchell Stark: rather well-written.

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