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Now Yorkshire Tea tries plant-based Alpro

Lucky Generals has done well out of gently sending up Yorkshire stereotypes in its work for Yorkshire Tea (a ranting Sean Bean was a bridge too far maybe) and here’s YT employee Craig launching plant-based Alpro’s speciality tea milk, named ...

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Lucky Generals goes local for Yorkshire Tea

TV advertising via Lucky Generals seems to be paying off for Yorkshire Tea as they’re doing plenty of it. Now they’re featuring “local heroes,” Sean Bean. And magician Dynamo, who hails from Bradford it seems. Think Dynamo has it (or ...

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Lucky Generals revisit ‘Cog’ for Yorkshire Tea

You can’t go far wrong with a Heath Robinson type device and Lucky Generals and its experience agency Wild Things have rigged one up for Yorkshire Tea’s new brand Biscuit Brew. 120 metres of biscuits orchestrated by “domino expert” Mathias ...

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