Lucky Generals revisit ‘Cog’ for Yorkshire Tea

You can’t go far wrong with a Heath Robinson type device and Lucky Generals and its experience agency Wild Things have rigged one up for Yorkshire Tea’s new brand Biscuit Brew.

120 metres of biscuits orchestrated by “domino expert” Mathias Ritter.

Been done before of course, most notably by Wieden+Kennedy London for Honda back in 2003.

But that was genius, one of the best ads ever made. But it was 2003, arguably the golden age of ads, and genius is a bit thin on the ground now.

Apart from superlative production (and an idea of course) what ‘Cog’ has is surprise, however many times you see it.

Would you be interested in Yorkshire Tea’s Biscuit Brew a second time?

But credit the Generals, at least they strive for new – or newish in this case. And they’re doing a good job for Yorkshire Tea.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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