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Axe is at it again, asking is it OK for guys?

Unilver’s Axe/Lynx, which seems to be suffering some sort of identity crisis itself, is still fretting about us guys. So it’s launching a campaign #isitokforguys, from 72andSunny Amsterdam, picking up on the numerous Google searches seemingly made by anxious males. ...

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Unilever launches Baby Dove – is it eyeing a bid for Colgate-Palmolive too?

Unilever is busily reorganising itself to see off bidder-in-the-wings Kraft Heinz – exiting spreads (once the major part of its business), upping the dividend and slashing marketing (it seems). One way to make your self unpalatable to a predator is ...

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Alarm bells at WPP and rivals as big clients race to cut costs

Has the advertising and media community lost the argument over brand building? For years global advertising has risen exponentially as digital has mushroomed, with the world’s biggest companies desperate to reach all those new consumer “touch points” even as their ...

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Tears all round for Lynx’s new version of maledom

Time was when Unilever’s Lynx (Axe in some places) used to promote itself by showing winsome angels (female) reaching the male parts other extra-terrestrials could not. Things have moved on though and in place of BBH’s rather wonderful TV campaign ...

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Lola’s same sex ‘Ceremony’ launches a new age Magnum

Here’s Unilever doing its bit for inclusion/diversity once again, this time with a same sex marriage/ceremony in some Catholic country. Probably Spain, as the ad’s from the estimable Lola MullenLowe. For Magnum, of all things – once deemed, in the ...

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Dove glams up courtesy of Mario Testino

At the other end of the female spectrum to Agent Provocateur – perhaps – is Unilever’s Dove. But Dove subjects – real women, no models etc – are getting the glam treatment from photographer Mario Testino and has agency Mariotestino+ ...

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