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Samsung launches death-defying wireless phone charger

Samsung’s wireless phone charger sounds a good idea and it’s skilfully brought to life by Leo Burnett Chicago in this new ad. The fact that most of the people in it are clearly muppets is probably inevitable – that’s phones ...

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Wunderman scoops Samsung’s Europe-wide CRM business

WPP’s Wunderman seems to be on a charge under the overall direction of WPP Digital boss Mark Read and now it’s won a whopper, Samsung Electronics’ CRM and loyalty marketing activity across Europe. The pitch was handled by Oystercatchers. Wunderman’s ...

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Samsung drops the ball in phone safety ad blitz

Talk about shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted… Samsung blitzed the Oscars ceremony (you know, the one where they gave the Best Film to the wrong film initially*) with a series of ads purporting to show how ...

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Now Samsung’s Galaxy bursts into Christmas

Wonder if Samsung Mobile in the US made this (almost certainly yes) and bought the airtime (very likely) before its phone batteries started catching fire? Whatever, it’s a rather daunting insight into the way we live now with headphones, VR ...

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Teelcoms giant Huawei goes into challenger mode in WPP’s Nova phone launch

China’s Huawei is the biggest telecoms equipment manufacturer in the world, which doesn’t make it too popular with some suspicious American politicians. In terms of mobiles it’s a challenger brand though and so WPP’s ‘Team Huawei'(you just knew there’d be ...

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