Samsung makes a horror movie out of phone switching

It’s not that long ago that Samsung was reckoned to the world’s biggest advertiser (that honour now goes to Amazon – like just about everything else) although its ads, through a multitude of agencies, never had the enviable consistency of Apple’s, a long time combo of star-studded in-house and TBWA\Media Arts Lab.

Samsung’s latest attempt to unseat the might Apple is the Galaxy Z Flip4, on the face of it a sensible way to make ever bigger mobiles handier, ie smaller.

Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam has been on the case with a spin on teeny horror movies dramatising the angst of switching phones and here’s the latest: ‘Join the Flip Side,’ the dark side that is, as well. Once you see one of the things you can’t get them out of your mind..

It’s quite intriguing but isn’t there a simpler way to dramatise phone switching angst?

MAA creative scale: 5.

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