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Mad Men’s menu of managerial mendacity

t think it was the great Jeremy Bullmore who observed that Mad Men wasn’t actually about advertising. If it was, nobody would watch it. And he’s right – mostly. But some of it is about companies, the way people in ...

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Are they Mad Men or what? It’s not just the guys..

Here, courtesy of Adweek, are some of the highlights of the latest Mad Men. Don has a threesome with Megan and a hippie, a mad writer slices his nipple off to impress Peggy and, still, agency and client deal with ...

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Mad Men Series 6 – and the trouble with Harry

OK readers, who’s the dude in the middle with the tasteful mustard jacket, silk cravat and sideburns? None other than our old pal Harry Crane, head of media at Sterling Cooper Draper (we imagine the “Pryce” has been dropped after ...

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