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Paul Simons: was M&S’ decision to dump Y&R unfair?

M&S finally completes its creative review and no surprise it has left RKCR/Y&R. (When will WPP drop the RKCR from Y&R’s brand name?) This isn’t because Y&R have done a bad job; just the reverse as they’ve pulled out of ...

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Paul Simons: a timely blast from the past from Tim Bell

Tim Bell was one of a long line of politics commentators talking to BBC News from College Green the other evening. He was on around 7.30, live, approximately 90 minutes after the Chablis is normally opened in the office. I ...

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Paul Simons: has precious BBH DNA left the building?

The departures from BBH have all the hallmarks of an advertising agency ‘under new management’. It happens most of the time when an agency hands across the controls to the train set to someone else, and in particular when it ...

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