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Facebook pays $19bn for ad-free messager WhatsApp

No-one could accuse Facebook of either sitting on its mountain of cash or failing to respond to fears that its core social network is losing its appeal to young people as their aunts and uncles populate its pages. Mark Zuckerberg’s ...

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Karmarama boss Nicola Mendelsohn joins Facebook as new head of Europe

Karmarama boss and former IPA president Nicola Mendelsohn (left) has never been exactly backward at coming forward and now she’s joined the group of high-flying women (including COO Sheryl Sandberg and marketing boss Carolyn Everson) near the top of Mark ...

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We’re a mobile company now claims embattled Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg

Which will be news (possibly welcome news) to Facebook shareholders who have seen the value of their stock in the post-IPO company halve from $38 to around $19. CEO Mark Zuckerberg, still worth billions, told a TechCrunch conference that his ...

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Facebook share slide requires emergency treatment

My friend George Parker thinks McCann Worldgroup boss Nick Brien is angling for a job at Facebook. If he is he’s better get a move on and forget all that gardening leave nonsense because post-IPO Facebook really is beginning to ...

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Coke and Colgate back new $1m mobile research

Mobile marketing is the new big thing, everyone says so: Mark Zuckerberg (ruefully as he doesn’t have enough of it), new Talon supremo Eric Newnham and possibly people who are even more influential (assuming there are any). So this big ...

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If you look really hard at the numbers Facebook is worth ‘just’ $21bn (not $104bn)

According to the business press, Wall Street is full of recriminations over the Facebook IPO. Morgan Stanley, the lead underwriter, allegedly ignored downward revisions of forecasts from its own analysts during the roadshow pre-IPO. The top securities regulator in Massachusetts ...

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