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VCCP weaves Disney+ into first O2 Christmas contender

O2 in the UK is entering the Christmas ad stakes for the first time – courtesy of agency VCCP – with its new cuddly robot Bubl (can you have a cuddly robot?) helping a young ‘Frozen’ fan take her first ...

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Disney global media review is welcome relief for Omnicom and Publicis

Disney has concluded its giant media review – estimated at between $2-3bn – more or less as you were, with new Omnicom entity OMG23 (Disney was formed in 1923) winning most of North America including new Fox acquisitions and Publicis ...

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BMW tops list of ‘world’s most reputable companies’

Something called the Reputation Institute, which represents ‘reputation managers,’ has produced a survey of the world’s most reputable companies based on soundings among consumers in 15 large countries. Reputation is defined by the level of ‘trust, admiration, respect and good ...

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