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George Parker: how Thanksgiving became ‘Black Friday’

In case you missed it, today is Thanksgiving in the US, which is one of the very few days workers get the day off with pay, unless you’re in retail, but more on that in a moment. As I have ...

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George Parker: how I invaded Madison Avenue

After arriving in New York in the booze and drug fuelled Mad Men sixties, my first task was to get a job. For two weeks I trudged the concrete canyons of Manhattan lugging my oversized portfolio of samples. I soon ...

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George Parker: how I met David Ogilvy – twice

When, in 1963, as a snot nosed 23 year old, I disembarked at pier 96 from the Queen Mary (the one that’s now a conference center in Long Beach), my sole objective was to get a job on Madison Avenue, ...

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