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UK voters ignore the experts and vote for Cameron

The voters make fools of us all from time to time (including we hacks) and it looks as though 2015’s General Election has been one such instance. Most of the polls have been proved wrong (except a so-called ‘rogue’ one ...

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Tories take the wrong road while Labour fixates on the NHS – don’t you love General Election campaigns?

I suppose we’d better write something about this: The governing Tories have kicked off their British General Election campaign (polling day is May 5) with a crappy poster showing the road ahead with them. Trouble is it’s supposed to be ...

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UK newspapers set to spoil politicians’ Leveson deal

Oh Frabjous Day! Callooh! Callay! they chortled in their joy! The political class seems intoxicated with having finally, excruciatingly, achieved cross-party consensus on regulating the press. Everyone, it seems, is a winner. Dave has gambled – with losing a vote ...

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UK PM David Cameron goes in for some Borg-style brand-bashing at Davos

If it weren’t for the fact David Cameron (left) watches so little television, I would be forced to conclude he has been modelling his recent behaviour on Borg, the Viking Himbo now fronting Tesco’s advertising. How else to explain his ...

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Sorrell, Branson and co blast PM Cameron over EU referendum – have it now and get it over with!

Sirs Martin Sorrell and Richard Branson and sundry other business luminaries have written to the Financial Times blasting tbe UK PM’s plans to hold a referendum on Britain’s EU membership. This is scheduled after the next General Election, which David ...

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