Tories take the wrong road while Labour fixates on the NHS – don’t you love General Election campaigns?

I suppose we’d better write something about this: The governing Tories have kicked off their British General Election campaign (polling day is May 5) with a crappy poster showing the road ahead with them. Trouble is it’s supposed to be a British road but it’s a actually a German one, from Getty Images.

Hope the in-house muppets who did it remembered to pay Getty.
Conservative election poster 2015

While Labour has lurched out of the blocks with a poster featuring an airbrushed David Cameron and his supposed untrustworthiness on the National Health Service, Labour’s one and only election ‘issue.’

Why the reluctance to write about this? Because political advertising in the UK is absolutely bloody awful, scraping the barrel of inspiration and wit. Whatever you say about Saatchi’s famous ‘Labour Isn’t Working,’ at least it was a proper ad. There’s barely been one since, in thirty-odd years.

Politicians and their attendant tribe of special advisers, hangers-on and so-called communications professionals (haha) always think they can do these things better than agencies. So even if they hire one they insist on doing the barking themselves.

No self-respecting agency should touch any of this with a bargepole – but they will.

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