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Marmite lands in trouble over ‘Neglect’ ad

Hmm, dunno what to make of this. It’s a new Marmite ad (from A&E/DDB presumably) purporting to show ‘in danger’ jars of ‘love it or hate it’ Marmite being rescued and despatched to good homes. But it’s already attracted a ...

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Two fingers to social media from defiant Ryanair

I was amused to read that the incoming head of comms at Ryanair (forgive the oxymoron) has “deliberately” ruled out a social media strategy. New boy Robin Kiely (left) tells us – apparently without irony – that such an initiative ...

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UK’s ASA bans YSL Opium ad – is it running scared?

Many government quangos have taken a hit under the coalition government, this being a pretty easy way to save money even if the same functions and often people tend to pop up somewhere else. The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority is ...

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