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Accenture Song dramatises world “to do” list

Appealing to the world’s leaders with a “to do” list may seem pretty pointless, given what a hapless bunch they seem to be. It was ever this though, the difference these days is that there seems to be little consensus ...

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Elvis: why now is the right time to address climate crisis

By Caroline Davison. Covid-19 may end up being the kick up the backside that we in adland need to get our priorities straight. We’re now realising that the Climate Crisis will affect us all and change our lives beyond recognition. ...

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Anomaly Amsterdam’s “Accidental Environmentalists” spearhead IKEA climate change campaign

IKEA is entering the climate change lists with a new platform from Anomaly Amsterdam – ‘A Better World Starts At Home’ – and a global campaign hymning “Accidental Environmentalists,” showing how the most unlikely individuals can help same the planet ...

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