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WPP cements relationship with BP with new Team Energy

Some welcome news for WPP, it’s retained the BP account for its corporate, fuels and Castrol businesses globally through what seems to be a new entity: Team Energy. BP has been reviewing such matters since 2017. Team Energy includes advertising, ...

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Can former adman Will Orr steer British Gas towards a new ‘green’ identity?

This one has trouble written all over it: remember oil giant BP’s switch to its new ‘greener than thou’ corporate identity and the consequent series of oil spills and explosions culminating in the Deepwater Horizon environmental disaster? Readers with much ...

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Here’s a great ‘Arab Spring’ ad for News 24 – but why do I feel a twinge of something like sympathy for Colonel Gaddafi?

Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi is obviously a nasty piece of work, persecuting his people in all sorts of horrible ways as the ‘Arab Spring’ tries to unseat him alongside other Middle Eastern dictators. And here’s a terrific ad for French ...

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