BP steps carefully back onto the global ad stage

It’s nearly ten years since BP found itself in the mire after the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico but now the oil giant (these days they’re energy giants of course) is stepping carefully back onto the world communications stage with a big new corporate campaign ‘Endless Possibilities.’

Its aim is to “keep the world advancing,” and make a few quid on the way presumably. Ogilvy New York and Purple Strategies are behind the wheel, here in an electric car.

And here plugging Lightsource BP, Europe’s biggest solar power outfit it seems, in which BP bought a 43 per cent stake a couple of years ago.

There are others as part of a multi-media campaign.

Such campaigns, especially perhaps in BP’s case, are akin to walking on egg shells so you have the bland leading us, possibly, up the garden path.

The propositions here seem fair enough, the executions, well, bland.

Sure there have been punchy, gripping corporate campaigns in the past. Maybe HSBC’s ‘the world’s local bank’ qualified but that died the death when they decided they didn’t want to be one.

BP – MAA creative scale: 5.

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