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BMW opts for fun with celestial duo of Arnie and Salma

BMW has now become the ultimate electric driving machine it seems, in this somewhat unlikely epic ‘Zeus and Hera’ from Goodby Silverstein. For the Super Bowl obviously – how else would you splash out on Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek ...

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BMW plugs plug-ins in new FCB Inferno drive

If you don’t want or can’t afford an electric car then you might go for a PHEV, BMW’s latest somewhat mystifying acronym for a Plug-in Hybrid: petrol engine plus electric motor. BMW’s adapting most of its range to offer this ...

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Jung von Matt sweats out a home run for BMW’s ‘Small Escape’

Bet you didn’t know BMW used to make what were known (I think) as “bubble cars,” but they did. And these uncharacteristic vehicles (compared to BMWs these days) were pressed into service to bring people across the Berlin Wall, it ...

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Goodby Silverstein drives the right line for BMW

Something strange seems to be happening to car ads – one or two have an actual idea. In the US anyway. We’ve already had Wieden+Kennedy’s powerful debut for Ford, making the tired old brand look contemporary for the first time ...

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BMW and Serviceplan unveil new 8 luxury flag bearer

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) will have heart failure over this one. They recently banned an ad for the Nissan Micra – Nissan Micra! – ‘cos it went too fast. BMW petrol heads will be looking anxiously, though, to ...

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BMW, Guinness and Haribo tackle 30-second test

Are 30-second ads making a comeback? For years they were the staple of commercial TV everywhere then other sizes came in – often at the hands of that dangerous beast the “creative” media buyer – and a few years ago ...

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