It’s ‘Forwardism’ to the future for electric BMW

BMW has been a few things in its ad history, most notably WCRS’ ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’ and then, rather less convincingly, the supposed epitome of ‘Joy.’

Now, in what is presumably one of the first big campaign’s from S4 Capital’s Media.Monks, for its electric range, it’s about ‘Forwardism,’ which may sound like some last century cult that failed to take off but, as the ad explains, it’s a movement akin to high art’s mannerism, classicism etc.

Instead of “running footage” we get a Metaverse-style world.

BMW’s electric range just has an i before the standard model nomenclature, much easier to get to grips with the rival Mercedes’ smorgasbord of initials and this i7 is presumably the top of the range.

Car advertisers have always burnished their products to an incredible degree in their ads – do they still have huge car studios to shoot them in? – and this new improved 7-class looks much better than the old petrol model, a better-looking version of a Roller (also made by BMW.)

Not entirely sure about ‘Forwardism’ but it does a premium job for a premium car.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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