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Lucky Generals rises to starry Super Bowl occasion for Amazon’s Alexa

If you want to try the creative big league you need Amazon on the client list. An exaggeration maybe but it sure helps to have reportedly the world’s biggest advertiser at $16.9bn to hand. What’s now a pretty longstanding relationship ...

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Amazon scores again with a prom through the ages

Amazon keeps knocking it out of the park: this time it’s Droga5 London for Alexa with a sweet film showing that romance ain’t dead, even if you’re getting on a bit. A subject close to Jeff Bezos’ heart presumably, as ...

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Amazon sets out plans for 260 cashierless UK supermarkets

Interesting that tech giants, having conquered the internet, are turning their gaze on more traditional bricks and mortar businesses. Undervalued property assets are one aspect of course but growth has to come from somewhere else too. According to reports in ...

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Droga5 London’s comedy creds to the fore for Amazon Alexa

It’s a different world out there for the tech giants – we’ve been hearing about the cozy search arrangement between Google and Appple which nets Apple “services” billions a year. Amazon, which has dodged most of the bullets so far, ...

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Jim Hawker of Threepipe: how to win on Amazon in 2020

It seems odd to draw attention to the fact that for a long time now, Amazon has been overlooked in favour of the likes of Facebook and Google as a key media investment channel. However, that is changing fast as ...

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Joint hits the right note for Amazon’s Alexa

Bezos land may appear as something out of science fiction but Amazon’s ads are what you might call counter-intuitive: usually demonstrating a nice, understated human touch. UK indie Joint is good at this too and here it is for the ...

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