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Joint rewrites history for Amazon Prime

You can see why agencies are queueing up to work for Amazon: not only has it more money than just about anyone else (it helps) but it lets its agencies have fun. Amongst other things, it doesn’t seem to worry ...

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Droga5 takes a new media tack for Amazon Prime campaign

We may not love Amazon, although most of us use it, but it’s certainly been a boon for the creative agency business. Here’s Droga5 London again with its ‘great stories stay with you’ campaign for Amazon Prime, the star in ...

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Droga5 wins the cupcake war for Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video seems to be Prime Video these days as, maybe, people become confused about the range of streaming offers and bored with too much Amazon this and that. Droga5 London is back with the latest instalment of its ...

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