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Army makes its pitch as fourth emergency service from Accenture Song

“Nothing can do what a soldier can do” (shouldn’t that be nobody?) is the line in this new Army recruitment film from Accenture Song. Which, grammar aside, comes as something of a relief for those of us occupying the benighted ...

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Accenture Song dramatises world “to do” list

Appealing to the world’s leaders with a “to do” list may seem pretty pointless, given what a hapless bunch they seem to be. It was ever this though, the difference these days is that there seems to be little consensus ...

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Accenture Song wins more Arla business

Accenture Song, the new name for Accenture Interactive sans Droga5, has won more business from Arla Foods, the dairy co-operative. AS has been appointed to handle the launch of two new “sub-brands” across Europe. Arla brands include anchor and Lurpak ...

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