Accenture Song wins global Peugeot

Agency hired to drive EV sales

Accenture Song seems to be finally getting its act together as it welds together a big creative network on top of its raft of digital agencies and now it’s won Stellantis’ global Peugeot account after a competitive pitch. The business was formerly with Omnicom.

Peugeot head of marketing Phil York says: “Over the last few years, we’ve seen dramatic and fast unfolding step-changes in the automotive industry and customer expectations.

“This rapid pace of change requires bold thinkers, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with Accenture Song to help us on our journey of transformation into a 100% electric brand that sets new benchmarks for alluring design, driving pleasure and tech.”

Accenture song’s David Droga says: “Together, Peugeot and Accenture Song aim to do something new and different. Peugeot has an exciting opportunity in the electric category to define their products and services with a distinctive and human approach, emotionally connecting with a new generation of drivers.

“I believe our tech-powered creatively driven model that’s fuelled by our collective ambition will support Peugeot in the vision of becoming a true tech mobility company.”

Peugeot isn’t an easy one: somehow it lacks the appeal of Volvo and its German rivals. Most EV ads really are a case of the bland leading the bland, with the technology getting in the way of any kind of human appeal.

This is a big opportunity for Accenture Song (which includes Droga5) to show it can change things for a big global brand. “Tech mobility company” sounds a bit worrying though. Aren’t they cars?

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