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JAA Media’s John Ayling: an invitation to creative agencies

Even in a time like this there are green shoots in adland. Over the past year we’ve all seen an emergence of a number of new creative agencies. This is an important element in the way the creative industry renews ...

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How the 5G revolution is expected to impact the online gaming sector

The majority of the global population heavily relies upon 4G wireless connectivity to perform daily online tasks. However, this technology is soon to be replaced by 5G services. This will transform a host of industries and virtual gaming is expected ...

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JAA Media’s Richard Temple: bring back jingles to fight food regulation!

“Anything can happen at backgammon.” Political diarist Alan Clarke’s shrug to events beyond all of our control is an apt way to describe any articles on ‘future-wanging’ for 2021. There are simply too many variables outside our control for 2021 ...

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The growth of online casino platforms

Online casino platforms have been growing at a rapid pace since they have been legalized back in 1994. The rapid growth of the internet and technology in general has significantly contributed to their evolution to the point that now, they ...

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Nick Mawditt of Talon Outdoor: ten themes which will change Out of Home in 2021

Following the testing environment of 2020, Out of Home has adapted to the challenges of reaching consumers on the move. Audiences have shifted rather than disappeared and have shown an appetite for social mobility that will continue into 2021. Strong ...

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