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Trends in today’s leisure spending

We all know that it’s sensible to save our money for a rainy day, but no one can deny that a bit of retail therapy is a wonderful thing. Once all of our necessities are covered, it’s nice to engage ...

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Barry Cupples of Talon: Out of Home states its case at virtual Cannes 2021

There were a few clear themes present at the virtual Cannes advertising festival this year reflecting not just digital transformation but also the immense strides Out of Home (OOH) has made in a most difficult but ultimately rewarding year. These ...

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Talon Group and Buntin Out-of-Home Media partner to fuel OOH in the US

Leading out-of-home specialists Talon and Buntin Out-of-Home Media today announced a strategic partnership aimed at transforming the out-of-home (OOH) landscape. The partnership creates a new entity named Talon-Buntin led by Talon America CEO Jim Wilson. In addition to serving an ...

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Talon’s Barry Cupples: developing an international footprint

How important is it to have an international footprint at a time when a global campaign can be executed at the flick of a switch from one location? “We thought long and hard about this,” says Talon Outdoor global CEO ...

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Barry Cupples of Talon: accelerating Adtech at Talon and in Out of Home

“One of the biggest mistakes people make with technology – and adtech is included here,” says Talon Outdoor global CEO Barry Cupples, “is thinking it’s a way of doing things better with fewer people. Of course it can be a ...

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