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Matt Williams
Matt Williams is head of content at Partners Andrews Aldridge.

Matt Williams: my alternative Cannes Lions

Cannes 2014: And finally, another crazy Cannes week comes to a close. Ad execs across the world head back to their agencies with their skin a little more tanned, their livers a little less functional, and hopefully, their pride still ...

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Google boss according to Google

Cannes 2014: You always have to take any talk by Google at a conference like this with a relative pinch of salt. There’ll be a few mushy films designed to tug at the heart-strings, a lot of big claims, and ...

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Spike Jonze turned down Sony ‘Balls’ but still likes ads

Cannes 2014: This is my sixth Cannes (I realise that saying that as a 26 year old makes me appear even more like a horrible smug git), so I’d like to think that I’ve worked out a couple of tricks ...

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