Top Tips for Cannes: Bertin and Rakotoson of Paris agency Frenzy

Elsa Rakotoson (founder, executive producer) and Stan Bertin (executive producer) at Paris creative agency Frenzy, which has worked with clients including Sephora, Lacoste and Dior.

Micheal CeraVe / Ogilvy
Stan : For the laugh.
I love the stupidity of this great idea, in a good way I mean. Michael Cera’s offbeat humor is unique. Also, the American 90’s look of the film is perfect.

AirPods – Quiet The Noise / TBWA
Elsa : For the post prod vfx. Megaforce pushed the wire stunt and vfx to a whole other level. The creative idea is amazing, and the execution is excellent.

New EE – Home, Learn, Work, Game / Marsheen
Stan : For the message and our kids.
It condenses all the complexity of our job : a campaign about screens you watch, on screen. It got me thinking about the balance between real life moments with your kids and the presence of screens in our daily lives. There’s a journalistic aspect of this campaign I really like.

Association of Independent Commercial Producers call for entries / DDBO NYC
Stan : For the business. It’s a mic-drop campaign that should be shown everywhere, every day, to everyone. It opens a real discussion about the process of making ads vs. art, the limits and opportunities. The ping pong between the annoying agency/clients discussions and the slight smugness of Vincent Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo is delicious to watch.

Orange – Women’s football / Marcel Agency
Elsa : For the idea. It’s modern in so many ways and the twist is amazing. This is one of those I wish I had done.

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