MAA Ad of the Week: Paddy Power’s powers of football prophecy

As we ready ourselves in the UK for England’s latest attempt to play football (in the Euros on Sunday) this Paddy Power social effort previewing the lads’ dismal performance against Denmark looks even more prescient.

As my colleague Emma Hall (who knows far more about football than me, alarmingly) wrote: “How did Paddy Power know that England would send fans into a coma?”

Advertisers betting on football is a fraught business: Hellmann’s featuring Jack Grealish who didn’t make the squad while many years ago Nike plastered the country with posters featuring Eric Cantona but Eric, as was often the case with France, was dropped at the last minute. PP clearly knows better (it’s their job after all.)

Mind you, this ends with our fan wondering how England will get on against France. They’re in the other half of the draw and it will be a miracle if England get that far.

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