Hye Jude, no pressure. Adidas puts England expectations on Bellingham

Somebody had to do it: Adidas has used The Beatles’ “Hey Jude” as the soundtrack to an ad about Jude Bellingham. Can the 20 year-old midfielder take a sad song and make it better?

Former England players like David Beckham, Frank Lampard and Ian Wright are hoping he can. So are Stormzy and a whole load of England fans who are relying on Bellingham to turn around England’s fortunes.

We’re seeing a lot of Jude Bellingham around the Euros. This ad, by New York agency Johannes Leonardo, captures the emotions around football pretty well, and it certainly puts the spotlight on “Golden Bells” as The Sun has named him (a nod to David Beckham’s “Golden Balls” tag).

It’s supposed to be part of Adidas’ campaign to take the negative pressure off athletes. Positive pressure looks just as hard to cope with.

MAA creative scale: 7

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