Gut and Globant launch new ‘Gutsier’ global network

Latin American agency Gut, the darling of the 2023 Cannes Festival, has wasted no time in building on the momentum set in motion last year. The agency sold to tech and digital consultancy Globant in November, and now they have formalised a joint offering with the launch of the Globant Gut Network – “powered by AI”, naturally.

The network has been split into eight “studios” (Uncommon set a trend; now everyone wants to be a studio) covering off the different disciplines: advertising, which will operate under the Gut brand, strategy, media, content, technology, design, product and commerce.

Globant Gut brings together the five agencies that Globant has previously acquired – Gut, Habitant, Ad_bid, KTBO and Vertic – with founders from each of the agencies remaining on board as leaders of the network.

They are calling it a “one stop creative and tech shop” which doesn’t set it apart much, but the “Gutsier with Globant” tagline is a good one. By building it around the Gut brand, Globant is capitalising on the success of the agency, which has already won a 2024 Media Grand Prix to add to the three it won last year, along with 2023 creative agency of the year, independent agency of the year and independent network of the year.

Gut is playing a key role in the new network and will lead the advertising studio, but will “continue to operate freely as it does today”, led by creative founders Gastón Bigio and Anselmo Ramos, along with Globant global CEO Andrea Diquez.

Anselmo Ramos, co-founder & creative chairman of Gut, said: “When ad nerds and tech nerds come together, there is no limit to what we can create. This is the next step on our journey to become the most diverse, creative, and influential agency Network in the world and moves us even closer to our goal of becoming a Top 5 Global Creative Network at Cannes. We can’t wait to show the power of creative tech.”

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