Tango takes a prison break in VCCP’s new campaign

VCCP continues to embrace Tango’s anarchic advertising heritage with this spot set in a prison where the inmates wear orange jumpsuits and Tango is the street drug of choice. HHCL’s classic 90s line, “You know when you’ve been Tango’d” has morphed into “Get Tango’d”.

Social media is squarely aimed at Gen Z with lines like “Give your tongue a citrusy spank” and “Blow your oranges off”. The campaign, which started with “Bust” last year, seems to be working: sales have increased +12.8% in the year since it launched.

Munnawar Chishty, GB marketing director at Britvic, said: “Tango is back with another mischievous ad, building on our brand’s iconic roots as we continue to break boundaries within the soft drinks category. The ‘Warden’ campaign is the perfect follow-up to ‘Bust’, driving home the message that above all other competitors, Tango is the go to if you want a dangerously potent flavour.”

George Wait, creative director at VCCP, said: “Tango is a brand with an incredible advertising heritage, one that’s always an honour and joy to work on. Following on from our campaign launch last year, ‘Warden’ is the latest instalment that we hope takes the series and the brand to a new exciting, and slightly mad place.”

It’s a brave move to pay close homage to such a famous campaign. The fact that VCCP pulls it off says a lot about the strength of the original.

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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